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Second Quilted Patchwork: A GR Response to Covid-19

This is a second set of reflections about how Group Relations thinking can assist people and systems to explore the Covid-19 pandemic. It is not intended to be complete, but is a snapshot of a moment in time from a group of systems-psychoanalytically informed people.

The contributors are members of a group which has been meeting on Zoom following on from a tri-annual meeting that took place in Belgirate, Italy in November 2018. The group has been exploring the hypothesis "Are we better together?" - can we as group relations practitioners, theorists and advocates live and work through the dynamics that we invite members to encounter in a Group Relations Conference. As a result of Covid-19 the question of being "better together" is now one for us all, as we "Social Distance."

As we prepare to re-enter "physical closeness" perhaps our fear and anger will also emerge closer to our experience.

The Patchwork that follows, invites you to engage with the eye of an artist. The offerings are rooted in institutions and geographies but are the vistas of the authors.

We will produce another patch work in the Autumn.

Please click on this link to go to the Second Quilted Patchwork, and in case you want to read the first Patchwork, please click this link.

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