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Aarti Kapoor
Bangkok, Thailand
Alan Ruiz
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Alasdair Johnson
Portland, OR, USA
Amber Williams
Villanova, PA, USA
In 2016, I was introduced to the work of group relations through my graduate program at the University of San Diego. Though extremely uncomfortable and quite unnerving at times, I found myself more curious.
Andrea Andrade
San Diego, CA, USA
I was introduced to group relations work in 2016. Since then I’ve been interested in finding ways to translate this experience in many other realms of my professional life.
Andrew Alsoraimi-Espiritu
San Diego, CA, USA
I was introduced to group relations while in graduate school at USD. That experience helped me define patterns within and around me which have been instrumental in contributing to positive change.
Andrew Royal
Milwaukee, WI, USA
I'm a psychotherapist living and working in Milwaukee, WI. My experiences with musical group improvisation and psychoanalysis lead me to group relations. Group relations lead me to get involved with the local Quaker Meeting.
Angel Hu
unceded territory of Kumeyaay
Angel Hu is a Creative Entrepreneur and Ritual Designer. Group Relations work gave Angel language to a familiar world of intricacies that were not usually spoken though always felt.
Angelo Lewis
Lambertville, NJ, USA
Angelo John Lewis is the Director of the Sacred Inclusion Network, the originator of the Dialogue Circle MethodTM, and the author of Notes for a New Age.
Anita Bashin
Seattle, WA, USA
Anjet van Linge
Den Andel, NED
Anjet is a founding member of Group Relations International, who currently holds the buoy in the Netherlands. Anjet is an artist who enjoys the manual feeling of reshaping material into a new creation.
Anna Runion
San Diego CA, USA
Anya Baskin
Belchertown MA, USA
Betsy Hasegawa
Bellingham WA, USA
Brigid Nossal
Fitzroy North, Victoria AUS
I first became interested in Group Relations in 1997 and over the past 20 years have attended and worked on several Group Relations Conferences in Australia, UK, India and China.
Candice Crawford-Zakian
Jamaica Plain MA, USA
Claudia Renchy Morton
Burlington VT, USA
I attended my first Group Relations conference outside Paris in 1999. That conference and each subsequent conference have provided me such deep learning about myself and systems in general.
Claudio Maroni
Feldmeilen Schweiz, SUI
Cynthia Franklin
San Anselmo CA, USA
Darryl Chen
David Brooks
Los Angeles CA, USA
David Luna
Highland Park IL, USA
Elizabeth Simpsom
San Francisco CA, USA
Ellen Short
Brooklyn NY, USA
Emmanuel Molin
San Diego CA, USA
Evangeline Sarda
Belmont MA, USA
Eve Barnett
Washington, DC, USA
I became fascinated by this work as a graduate student at Yale University in 2019 and am interested in the nexus between group relations, interpersonal and emotional intelligence, and environmentalism.
Ezekiel Lyons
Dunkirk MD, USA
Gabriel Baldwin
Boston MA, USA
Geralyn Williams
Somerset NJ, USA
Geralyn is a Jersey girl with a passion for community, social justice, mental health, and the arts. She currently works in community engagement & higher education. She is passionate about what GRI can do.
Grace Bagunu
San Diego, CA, USA
My first introduction to group relations was at the Leadership for Change Conference in January 2012 at the University of San Diego where I completed my PhD in Leadership Studies.
Hannah Gray-Chambers
Chula Vista CA, USA
Group Relations emerged into my life in 2018 during my Grad Program at USD. Ever since then, I have felt connected, passionate, and in alignment with this work.
Ihan Anita Ip
San Diego CA, USA
Ingrid Ordal Plunkett
Brunswick, MA, USA
Ingrid Plunkett
Brunswick ME, USA
Isabelle A Reiniger
Evanston IL, USA
Jack Lampl
Encinitas CA, USA
Jack Marmorstein
Philadelphia PA, USA
Jamie Stevens
Brooklyn NY, USA
Janice Wagner
Jamaica Plain MA, USA
Jared Wright
Providence RI, USA
Jay Guben
Worton MD, USA
have been a user ,not a provider.First attending in 1970. Tavistock, Paris and many conferences. There has been personal and work related growth. Also Indifference to the society at large; I join to see if I can change that.
Jeanine Baillie
Berkeley CA, USA
Jeffrey Roth
Chicago IL, USA
I am an addictions psychiatrist and group psychotherapist. I have served as the past-president of the Chicago Center for the Study of Groups and Organizations, am a Fellow of the A. K. Rice Institute
Jennifer Burrows
Alphington Victoria, AUS
Jennifer Gross
Washington, D.C., USA
Joanne Bowman
San Diego CA, USA
Jodi Austin
El Cajon CA, USA
Group Relations entered my life quietly in 2013. My involvement with GRI has made available both conscious and unconscious processes present in life. Over the years, I have served in various capacities.
Joe Lasley
San Diego CA, USA
Joe Lasley, PhD is Founder, Game Master at Gamenamic Leadership Consulting LLC ( and Assistant Professor of Leadership and Organizational Studies at the University of Southern Maine.
John Hinck
Montgomery AL, USA
John Knight
Washington DC, USA
John Weng
San Diego CA, USA
John has a background in higher education and leadership development in San Diego, with administrative appointments at UC San Diego and a teaching appointment at the University San Diego.
Jonathan Rust
Poughkeepsie NY, USA
I am a counseling psychologist and an associate professor at SUNY New Paltz. My interest in GR emanated from my understanding of the dynamics of my family of origin and being a member of the BIPOC community in the US.
Joshua DeSilva
Norfolk, VA, USA
Kamila Wujec
Masovia, POL
I came across Group Relations Learning in 2015 where I experience a profound learning on a personal level but also in terms of understanding the system as a whole, which was a complete new, enriching perspective.
Karen Heyneman
Fishtail, MT, USA
Karen Heyneman is a rancher, a pilot, a Harvard Presidential Scholar and Master of Theological Studies, whose work focuses on leadership and how groups make meaning in their lives and organizations.
Kat Zwick
Santa Cruz CA, USA
Kat Zwick, MA, LPCC, CGP - I have been involved since 2007 in group relations work as a GRC attendee, administrator, observer, and consultant on staff as well as a member of the directorate.
Kate Dominguez
Chicago, IL, USA
Kate Regan
Roslyn WA, USA
Kayla Lane
Philadelphia, PA, USA
I am a Philly native with a passion for yoga, holistic wellness and social justice. Although new to GRI, I’m passionate about the power the work has to make this world a much better place.
Keith Lequay
Kingston, JAM
Kimberly Nunez Barrios
Norfolk VA, USA
Laura Mikelsone
Republic of Latvia
Lauren Levy
Moorpark CA, USA
I was first exposed to group relations work in 2016 during my Group Counseling course taught by René Molenkamp at the University of San Diego. From the beginning, this work has help me immensely with my personal growth.
Leo Wilton
Vestal, NY, USA
Member and Past President of the New York Center for the Study of Groups, Organizations, and Social Systems; Member of the Washington-Baltimore Center for the Study of Group Relations (WBC)
Limor Vink
Brooklyn NY, USA
Lorri Sulpizio
San Diego CA, USA
Lotte Svalgaard
Valby, DEN
Lynn Levis
San Diego CA, USA
My first group relations experience brought to the light so many behaviors that were previously unconscious. It was the start of a journey that I'm still on, and I'm enjoying the experience of deeper reflection.
Manshreya Grover
New Delhi, IND
Mark Argent
Cambridge, UK
I came to group relations from a background in group retreats and with the encouragement of my psychoanalytic supervisor. I've found this a rich way to explore processes in groups and organisations and in society more widely.
Mary Galuski
Lockport NY, USA
Metta Charis Buchman
New York, NY, USA
I'm passionate about enabling people, teams, and organizations to build learning cultures and creative environments, to explore what is supporting or constraining that to happen, to thrive, and to put in practice new insights.
Mette Stuhr
Frederiksberg, DEN
Michael Gutmann
Paris, FRA
Michael Speer
Washington, D.C., USA
I have been passionately working in the GR world since the early ‘90’s. This practice has positively affected all aspects of my personal and professional life, from coaching and teaching to marriage.
Michelle Schneider
San Diego CA, USA
Minnie Tao
Chicago, IL, USA
Nadia Greenspan
Chicago IL, USA
I've been bitten by the GR bug in 2010 and, since then, participated in over a dozen conferences in various roles. I am a group psychotherapist, an improviser, an acting instructor, a vegan and a practicing witch.
Natalie O'Neill
Nicholas Bartlett
New York NY, USA
Nicole Assisi
San Diego CA, USA
Nicole is a Partner at Copernicus Consulting, Founder/CEO for Thrive, a Senior Advisory at Entangled and sits on the Advisory Board for the San Diego Community College District’s Continuing Education.
Nicole Borunda
Novien Yarber
Omowale Elson
Severn MD, USA
Patricia Kummel
New York, NY, USA
Patrick Jean-Pierre
New York NY, USA
Peter Shapiro
Washington DC, USA
My connection to GRI goes back over a decade including serving as a founding circle member, board member, co-creator and co-responsible of Coaches for Causes. It has been a joyful, productive and rewarding association.
Ray Edward Ruiz
Long Beach CA, USA
Raymond Bakaitis
Los Angeles CA, USA
My early group relations experiences in the 90’s served a psychotherapeutic purpose for me. I experienced my need for attention, my narcissism, my racism, sexism, and homophobia in ways I had never encountered.
Rebecca Abell
Washington DC, USA
I participated in my first group relations conference as part of my PsyD training in 2011 and I have become more deeply involved each year. I recently became a Certified Consultant through AKRI.
Rebecca Ellison
Silver Spring MD, USA
René Molenkamp
San Diego CA, USA
My first group relations experience in 1992 profoundly influenced my life. Since then I have incorporated and applied group relations thinking in many of my professional activities as a therapist, coach, consultant and teacher.
Robert Ehnow
Coronado CA, USA
Robert Hsiung
Rod Smith
Colorado Springs CO, USA
Rose McIntyre
Herndon, VA, USA
I am an artist, spiritual being, and nature lover whose passion for groups permeates personal and professional life. I believe in the power of and importance of GR to explore uncover, increase awareness and to create change.
Roxanne Kymaani
San Diego CA, USA
Sanjiwan Boparai
Elk Grove CA, USA
Sarah Rosenbaum
Wynnewood PA, USA
Sebastian Parsons
Hartlebury Worcestershire, UK
Sebastian Slovin
Encinitas, CA, USA
Sebastian experienced group relations for the first time in 2015. That experience has inspired him ever since. He is a Co-Founder of Nature Unplugged, a wellness education and leadership development company.
Sonia Weyers
Grez sur Loning, FRA
Stacey Williams
Bozeman, MT , USA
I first encountered group relations in 2011 at the University of San Diego. It helped me make sense of dynamics that I was tracking in my organizational life. It’s a profound container for liberation and healing.
Steven Nishida
Torrance CA, USA
Suma Jacob, MD, PhD
Minneapolis MN, USA
My first group relations conference occurred when I was working nights as a medical resident at UCLA and I was invited by my chief to go during a rare weekend off.
Susanne Broeng
Aabybro, DEN
Suzanne Weeks
St. Legier, SUI
GRI is a place where I feel I can contribute part of who I am for those who have less than me, and receive from others who offer me what I need in different moments. I have been involved in GRI for many years.
Tanisha Jain
Jersey City NJ, USA
Tingli Zhou
Beijing, CN
Group relations experiences profoundly influenced my life & work, also a bridge, giving me the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, & motivating me to explore more widely.
Todd Murphy
Bozrah CT, USA
Tom Cesarini
San Diego CA, USA
Tracy Wallach
Brookline MA, USA
Tyler Bean
Saugus MA, USA
I am a truth seeker. As a forensic accountant at EY in the Forensic and Integrity Services practice, I investigate financial crime and evaluate integrity.
Vicky Mesrie
Brooklyn NY, USA
Winnie Fei
Qing Dao, CN
My first GR was in 2010 Boltmore with Ruthellen Josselson. I was so curious about the one thing in this world that could arouse her passion so much. I tried to find out what on earth could influence people enormously.
Xumei Wang
Shenyang Liaoning, CN
My GRC learning is from 2016 Beijing, My world becomes broader and deeper since then. I joined the GRI 2020, I become a member of international GRs community.
Yael Sharoni
Mattan, ISR
Yaro Fong-Olivares
Waltham MA, USA
Yihe Yang
San Diego CA, USA
I was introduced to group relations work in 2017 through USD. It reshaped my perception of human relations. I look forward to furthering group relations development from an intercultural perspective.
Yu-An Wang
Seattle, WA, USA
Zachary Green
San Diego CA, USA
Zachary is the co-founder of Group Relations International and a fellow of the A.K. Rice Institute. Celebrating 30 years of group relations work, Zachary has directed nearly 20 conferences and staffed dozens.
Zoe Hayman
San Diego CA, USA
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