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ALIVE 2021
Authority, Leadership, Identity & Virtuality Experience
July 7-11, 2021 Monday to Friday via Zoom

A Group Relations Event at the Nexus of the New Now The AKRI Annual Conference in partnership with GRI

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Group Relations International is a non-profit organization made up of a group of people who are passionate about group relations work and its application, spirituality and social justice.

We believe that these three are intimately related. Our mission is to create a better world together.


As an organization, our strength is to hold space for experiencing, exploring and learning, as well as for discovering potential

and possibility.

We organize, sponsor and co-sponsor group relations conferences and training events that are open to the public.

We offer custom designed leadership programs, trainings, group relations experiences, which incorporate intra-psychic, interpersonal, group, inter-group and organizational levels of analysis.

We offer organizational consultation.

We provide executive coaching for people in leadership positions.

We organize spiritual events for people to (re-)connect with the “More".


Group relations International is a network of individual

organizational co-creators.

simply acknowledge that there is a "More" and that everything is connected

are interested in group relations work

want to apply it, particularly related to social justice issues