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A Group Relations Podcast

Sponsored by

Group Relations International


Welcome to Season II of Beyond the Boundaries:

A Group Relations Podcast sponsored by Group Relations International

Capturing the Legacy and Future of Group Relations is the theme of Season ll of our podcast produced by Ellen Short and Manny Molin.


As the host Ellen interviews seasoned, innovative and talented group relations colleagues who share their narratives and reflections on group relations work. The podcast will be of interest to all who are passionate about group relations work and an inspiration to people who are newer to the work. 

If you have suggestions for episodes, questions or comments please use the form below or send an email to

We refer to some articles and book chapters in the different episodes. Click here to see the resources list.

GRI's podcast was spearheaded by Lauren Levy, Manny Molin, Rod Smith, and Amber Williams in 2021. The first season offered diverse perspectives on topics and experiences related to group relations.


Ellen Short

Manny Molin

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