We are the host of a number of Initiatives related to Group Relations, Spirituality or Social Justice. We welcome talking about starting additional initiatives or programs.



Every other week on Friday evening, a small group of people gathers once a month to nourish our spiritual life, our soul, our body, and each other. We typically start out by sharing some food that a few of us prepared while we are checking in with each other. After the checking in we typically sit in silence for 10 minutes. Subsequently, we have a sharing/conversation or activity about a meaningful theme. We end the evening with a simple fire ritual. For more information contact René Molenkamp. 




A small group gathers once a month to explore the unconscious and other foundations of group relations work. We join over food brought by members, open with a ‘presencing’ exercise, and then carry out here-and-now work co-facilitated by the group conveners. A group discussion to unpack the here-and-now and to further process the unconscious follows before we close by giving space for members to share what the they are leaving with or what they learned from the group.

The group is intended for young adults in their 20s and 30s who are new to group relations work. If you are interested in joining, please contact Lauren Levy or Amber Williams.



Consists of people who collectively explore the dynamic nexus between diversity and spirituality. They do this primarily through experiential one- or two-day experiential events aimed at deepening personal and group awareness. For more information contact Angelo Lewis



Provides financial assistance to youth involved in the juvenile justice system. The recipients use the funds for specific physical, emotional or psychological needs, for example a new pair of glasses, or a bus pass to get them to and from work prior to receiving their first paycheck. YES responds quickly and all donations go directly to youth. For more information, contact Carlos Nelson


Our group has explored freedom, authority, learning, responsibility, race, hierarchy, our roles in groups and our ability to adapt.  The Ongoing Group Group members continue to experiment with different ways of consulting to and working with the group.  We have been dedicated to the development of members' abilities to effectively consult to groups and intervene in groups. Members have shared leadership throughout the formation of the group, and we hope to continue the practice with new members.


Philadelphia, Once a month 

Join us for discussions and analyses of texts rooted in the group relations tradition. This group will meet monthly and serve as a starting point creating community rooted in the work. This is a collaboration between GRI and AKRI. For more information contact Amber Williams or Lauren Levy


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