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The Ongoing Group
Third Thursday of Every Month
6:00 pm Eastern Time
Image by Patrick McManaman

The Ongoing Group Group is a Small Study Group that meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm to explore the unconscious dynamics of our group in the ‘Here and Now’. 


The group joins over food and informal ‘catching-up’ for 15 minutes, carries out a “here-and-now” event for 1.5 hours and wraps up with 30 minutes of reflections and a closing exercise. 


Our group has explored freedom, authority, learning, responsibility, race, hierarchy, our roles in groups and our ability to adapt.  The Ongoing Group Group members continue to experiment with different ways of consulting to and working with the group.  We have been dedicated to the development of members' abilities to effectively consult to groups and intervene in groups.


Members have shared leadership throughout the formation of the group, and we hope to continue the practice with new members.


During the pandemic we have been meeting via Zoom. We hope you will join us.


If you are interested in attending a small study group, you can contact either group administrator via email: Jared Wright or Gabriel Baldwin.

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