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  • People who have an intention to support the GRI community and its work in their own way.

  • People who become part of a more active community who support and engage in the work of GRI. We envision that co-creators are open to exploring possible connections and emergent projects if the energy moves you that way. The idea is that we form a community of group relations people who apply the work. We stay connected with each other, either in person or virtually. The dream is that there will be active groups of co-creators in different parts of the world and different parts of the countries. Many of us know that when you are with other group relations people, there is this something that gets sparked. It would be great if we could help mobilize these sparks for the good of the world, for the good of our planet.

  • People who contribute to the mission by creating events and/or attending them. Events can be more complex or very simple. We organize group relations conferences and trainings and we have organized simple virtual events like “What is your word for this year?” or “Making patterns visible through photographs.” Inviting people over for a pot-luck dinner to have an intentional conversation about an aspect of the work is an example of an event.

  • People who consider creating an ongoing project under the umbrella of GRI. We currently have Coaches4Causes, Working Silence, the Sacred Inclusion Network, Youth Empowerment Services, Just Water, Appreciation, Inspiration and Sacred Moments, Nourish, GR San Diego, and Becoming Uprooted and a GR Reading Group both in Philadelphia. These initiatives are longer-term and may have their own organizational structure, yet operate under the umbrella of GRI.

  • People who contribute expertise and experience from a practical and content point of view. Perhaps you know how to connect people, or write grants, or you could take a look at our bylaws, or know something about event planning. Perhaps you are excited about research or writing articles related to group relations. Creating a community needs awareness and attention.

  • People who provide financial support for the work we do. GRI is not about money, yet money is a form of energy that helps to get things done, so we ask for a financial contribution. Funds will be used to create a community that is passionate about group relations and its application. Once a year we will ask you to donate an amount that is tax-deductible. $25, $100, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or different amounts are all very welcome. If it is easier for you, feel free to spread out your yearly donation over 12 months. If you are interested in funding a particular project, please let us know. 

  • People who make a commitment to live more consciously related to “the work.” Perhaps you actively do an inclusion project, or you start meditating, or you begin a small sustainability project, or you teach your co-workers about boundaries. Perhaps we can find a way to share these stories.

  • People who realize that the possibilities and potential are endless.Together we work on creating a better world.

 Join this group of co-creators. We ask that you agree to taking on the role as outlined above and that you have attended at least one group relations experience (a residential or weekend conference, a group relations-based course, etc.)

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