Small Study Group Training in the Group Relations Tradition
Six Mondays from Oct 12 until Nov 16, 2020
Going for 4 hours and starting at: 
Singapore and Beijing: 7:30 pm 
Delhi: 5:00 pm
Central Europe: 1:30 pm (From Oct 26: starting 12:30 pm)
London: 12:30 pm (From Oct 26: starting 11:30 am)
New York: 7:30 am (From Nov 2: starting 6:30 am)

The Small Study Group Training is an excellent opportunity to practice group-as-a-whole consulting skills for those who have previously attended a group relations conference or event. Participants rotate between member and consultant roles. Each participant will consult to a Small Study Group, once alone and once in a pair. At the end of the session the person receives feedback in public from a senior group relations consultant. Participants will have an additional debrief opportunity of 30 minutes in the days following taking up the role. 

The program is particularly suited for people who 

want to develop their group relations skills, 

want to learn more about the unconscious in groups, 

are interested in group-as-a-whole methodology, 

spend lots of time with groups, for example consultants, managers, trainers, facilitators, teachers, community organizers, etc. 

- have attended at least one group relations conference or course experience


Please be familiar with Zoom basics, have a good internet connection and participate from a distraction free environment. 

Six Mondays, starting October 12, 2020 

Going for 4 hours and starting at: 

Singapore and Beijing: 7:30 pm 

Delhi: 5:00 pm

Central Europe: 1:30 pm (From Oct 26: starting 12:30 pm)

London: 12:30 pm (From Oct 26: starting 11:30 am)

New York: 7:30 am (From Nov 2: starting 6:30 am)

Fee: $500 or $425 for GRI Co-Creators (sign up as a Co-Creator here)

For questions contact Darryl Chen, administrator for the training.


Participants will be assigned to a Small Study Group and participate in two Small Study Groups each week. One of the participants in the Small Study Group will take up the role of consultant. After the group is over that person will receive feedback from one or two faculty. The rest of the time will spend in plenary, small groups or dyads depending upon the week and the purpose. 

Faculty will include: 

René Molenkamp, MDiv, PhD

René has extensive group relations experience. He has staffed and directed numerous group relations conferences and events nationally and internationally. He has trained group relations consultants and directors. He is an international leadership consultant and teaches graduate students at the University of San Diego. He is co-founder and Executive Director of Group Relations International. He is a Fellow in AKRI and former president and current member of WBC.

Betsy A Hasegawa, EdD

Betsy (she/her/hers) is Japanese and Ainu. She has been involved in group relations work for over 30 years. Her journey with GR started at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She is a Fellow in the AK Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems and Co-Creator with Group Relations International. She has directed and staffed numerous group relations conferences and training events. She is currently the Associate Vice President of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at South Seattle College.  

David Luna, JD

David (he/him/his) is Coahuiltecan and Latinx. He has been doing group relations work for 27 years, including directing conferences and training consultants. He is a Co-Creator with Group Relations International, and a member of WBC and AKRI. He has spent most of his professional career working for social and economic justice for communities of color and for poor and low-income communities. He currently is a consultant and coach focused on racial, social and economic equity.


Darryl Chen, EMCCC

Darryl was first introduced to the world of systems psychodynamics and the unconscious through his Masters program in INSEAD. Since then, he has furthered his curiosity about the unconscious in groups through several group relations conferences; as well as his professional work with education institutions. He currently runs his own leadership development and consulting practice in Singapore, where he works closely with senior leaders and leadership teams, often utilizing the lenses acquired through his experience in group relations. He also dabbles in photography and tries to integrate this interest with his coaching practice. Darryl is a Co-Creator with Group Relations International. 


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