It is simply the acknowledgement that there is a “More.”


We attend to this “More” by offering Silent Retreats, periods of Working Silence through a Co-creator organization, a monthly community gathering called Nourish and occasional other events. Our programs offer to step outside of ordinary reality for a few hours or a few days to feed our soul and to get in touch with the “More.”

Support Group


Every other week on Friday evening, a small group of people gathers once a month to nourish our spiritual life, our soul, our body, and each other. We typically start out by sharing some food that a few of us prepared while we are checking in with each other.

Rock Maze

Spiritual Path Exploration

A five-week webinar series in which participants have an opportunity to deepen their understanding of their personal spiritual path in dialogue with other people. 

Soothing Bell

Silent Retreat: California

For the 8th time GRI is organizing a Silent Retreat at Commonweal in Northern California. Join a small group of people for quiet and stillness in a gorgeous environment with access to the Pacific Ocean.

Spiritual Practice Exploration.png

Spiritual Practice Exploration

Three founders of the Sacred Inclusion Network share their favorite spiritual practices. American spiritual teacher Ram Dass once observed that the person who starts in engaging in spiritual practice in the course of time is going to "change into somebody else.