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What is

Group Relations?


Group Relations refers to a methodology that is used to understand authority, leadership and power, group, organizational and systems dynamics.

A group relations conference is the customary way of offering this methodology. In a group relations conference, which consists of experiential learning, staff members offer participants a combination of “here-and-now” events and reflective events.


In “here-and-now” events participants study what is going on in the moment, paying particular attention to unconscious dynamics and looking at the group-as-a-whole, rather than intrapersonal or interpersonal dynamics.


In reflective events, participants are invited to reflect on their experiences. It is not unusual that learning is transformational in terms of how participants look at themselves, their roles, groups, and organizations they are part of.

What is

Social Justice?

Attention to Social Justice, i.e. equal access to wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society, is inseparable from group relations work in which dynamics of power and privilege are often central. We actively encourage people from not for profit organizations to attend group relations conferences and we often support them financially.

What is


Spirituality is simply the acknowledgment that

there is a “More”.


People may call that “More” energy, spirit, God, nature or have other indicators for it. All people and all things are part of a “system” that is beyond our comprehension. We believe that group relations work demonstrates that there is a “More.”

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