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Small and / or Large Study Group Training

Review and Application Group Training





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Group relations conferences are experiential learning events in which participants learn from their experience while they study their own (individual and collective) behavior in the moment in small and large study group settings.


There are also a number of reflective events offered to help the participant make sense of their experience and to apply their learning to their organization back home.


Although specific learning is not prescribed, typically participants have learnings related to the following concepts: boundaries, authority, role, task, leadership, followership, group dynamics, representation, the unconscious, levels of analysis, voice and agency, patterns of behavior, etc.

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In person 

Casa Raggio di Sole

Pasturo (LC), Italy

June 7-9, 2024

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Bryn Mawr College

June 9-14, 2024

We offer group relations training and applied events on a regular basis.

An event in which participants are invited to take up the Small or Large Study Group consultant role and get feedback in public immediately after they have taken up that role.

This training is great practice for people who want to apply group-as-a-whole perspective in their work.

Small and / or Large Study Group Training

Gives some background and ideas about how to conduct an application group in conferences.

Review and Application Group Training

We occasionally organize or sponsor trainings related to group relations work, for example in Social Dreaming, or group facilitation.


In 2020, in collaboration with the A. K. Rice Institute, we offer a Director’s Training for people who are interested in directing group relations conferences.

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