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Happy 1 Year to the GRI Blog

Around 2 years ago I brought an idea to René about wanting to engage in group relations in a less formal and more accessible way. I wanted to capture the little and big moments where the work crystalizes for me in my day to day life. More importantly, I wanted to share it with the GRI community in hopes that I may be able to relate and connect with others through shared themes and connections. After further thought and brainstorming, we decided it would be even better to have GRI co-creators and affiliates to use the space for the same reason. This new approach would provide a variety of experiences and perspectives an opportunity to be shared to deepen learning and make sense of our irrational world.

Fast forward 2 years later, and we are celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the GRI blog. Since May of 2020, the Blog has been populated with beautiful pieces of vast varieties. People from our community have shared how we can use group relations technology and thinking to navigate the socio-political climate in the nation. We have reflected on virtual conference experiences together. We have held space for people to share how they have healed and repaired themselves and our expectations of others through this work. It has been a joy and pleasure to see that an idea that started as a FaceTime chat with a dear mentor, has been taken up and actualized by the GRI community.

I write this post to express gratitude for everyone who has written, read and/or shared to amplify the blog. I also write this post in hopes that it will inspire more of you to join in the collaboration to continue to co-create a space that people can come to for new ideas, different perspectives, and a deepened understanding of self and others. If you are reading this and have been waiting for the gentle nudge, here’s your sign.

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