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pause, listen, notice

be with what is

breathe - and

be aware of breathing

listen with your heart and soul


what is inside and outside

what we are called towards

the movements of our soul

the language of silence

be still

and know that there is More


This is an invitation to deepen our awareness of what is now, a chance to take a collective pause, to notice what is present in and between us, to tune our awareness to how we dance with the new now - we do this together during the month of March.


We live in a stirring time, a pandemic that is not over yet, a climate crisis that we are only just starting to experience, increased awareness of racial inequality, political turmoil in many countries. Many people, we also, are becoming a little weary of not knowing what is next. Someone called it the pandemic wall, and many of us seem to be hitting it. Life may not return to what we thought was normal. And yet we feel it helps to notice what is present inside us and around us, it helps to feel the movements of our soul, to hear our breath, to sense the arrival of a new season also. 


March brings us the unique moment of the equinox - one of two times in the year where everywhere on the planet it is light as long as it is dark. A pause before we turn to the light of midsummer or the darkness of winter. And so, we are offering a journey of a month to help us notice, to dance with the new now.


Every day we will offer you something - a thought, a poem, a picture, some text, a small task, a question. And twice a week we will hold a space to be silent together for 30 minutes. On 21st March, the day of the equinox, we will host a small ritual to mark the turning of the season, the brief balance of light and dark. You can join the journey entirely in your own time and place, you can join some or all of the gatherings. It is your choice. 


We will email you daily. The silent gatherings twice a week are on Zoom:

  • Wednesdays at 08:00 am Pacific Time (that's San Diego)

  • Saturdays at 08:00 am Central European Time (that's Amsterdam) 

We will create a shared online space on Padlet where you can also access the poems, pictures and other things, and where you can join the conversation. 


This dance with the new now is organized by Group Relations International and Studio Stilte, and is hosted by René Molenkamp and Anjet van Linge. René holds space - for groups and individuals, to explore, discover, reflect and become. He does this as an executive coach, teacher and group relations practitioner. Anjet works as sculptor, runs a small farm with her husband, hosts silent retreats on the farm and offers space for reflective dialogues, for noticing, witnessing and unfolding.

Price & Registration

We feel this matters, and we want it to be accessible to anyone. And yet, there is also a fee, a fair exchange for the work of curating the daily offerings, for hosting the gatherings and the ritual. Joining is USD 100. If this is a genuine problem for you, please contact one of us to explore. For questions you can email us: Anjet or René. After registration you will be invited to our Paypal site to make your contribution.



Heading 6

Maybe, another dance

maybe it is not a tunnel, maybe there is no light at the end of it, maybe it is a new reality we are invited to come to terms with, one that isn’t fixable, that we cannot buy our way out of, one that we need to find a way to dance with, dance differently than we danced before - a dance of enough instead of growth, a dance of connection to where we are rooted, a dance of accepting our mortality, a dance of cycles and circles, a dance with moves that maybe our ancestors can still teach us, if we choose to listen.

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