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Spiritual Practice Exploration
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
4:00 - 7:00 pm Pacific Time
7:00 - 10:00 pm Eastern Time
Contribution: $25
Rock Balancing

Three founders of the Sacred Inclusion Network share their favorite spiritual practices.

American spiritual teacher Ram Dass once observed that the person who starts in engaging in spiritual practice in the course of time is going to "change into somebody else. And so the practice that was appropriate for the person initially may not be appropriate for you down the road."

Of course, there are many people who practice a single form of spiritual exercise for decades or even a lifetime. But increasingly, in this age of information explosion, many take a more eclectic approach, trying a particular method for a time, then switching to another that feels more appropriate.

If you are new to spiritual practice or you simply want to explore a different method, we invite you to join us for this special Spiritual Path Exploration. During the course of this three-hour event, you'll be introduced to three distinctly different methods from a variety of traditions.

  • Tonglen - the Buddhist practice of awakening compassion

  • Tantric Meditation - awakening the experience that everything is sacred

  • The Examen -- the Ignatian practice that invites us to find the movement of the Spirit in all the people and events of our day

The Spiritual Path Exploration will consist of three cycles, each beginning with a brief overview of the practice, an actual (guided) experience and a short debrief. It is sponsored by The Sacred Inclusion Network in collaboration with Group Relations International and is facilitated by three founders of the Sacred Inclusion Network.


Cindy Franklin is an an executive coach, consultant and facilitator based in the Bay Area. Her perspective is informed by her years spent living in various cultures overseas, and by her many years of meditation and contemplative practice.

Angelo John Lewis is the Director of the Sacred Inclusion Network and a life and business coach. He is the originator of the Dialogue Circle Method™ and the author of Notes for a New Age.

René Molenkamp is a former Jesuit priest who directed 30-day silent retreats. He is now an executive coach, a teacher of leadership and group dynamics and a psychotherapist.

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