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  • Joanne Bowman

Relatedness and Dividedness: Reflection

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Pushed into

black role black intersectionality

which is it?

curious in finding out what we discover


do we limit ourselves --why can’t we breathe--it’s not satisfying;

the air is not satisfying--I take it in it chokes


one drop rule

how do we set ourselves apart to be seen?


separating me and my aloneness

I settle back watching

the moon is bright

one drop rule


if there’s a drop then I can join


captured, recruited

don’t you see?

I can’t see --the air is not satisfying;

want to be wanted but until we’re seen, we’re unseen

pulled in, pushed out, yet

restrained --the air is thick


The night, the moon, I feel whole again

This is a stream of consciousness poem, meant to capture a portion of Joanne's experience in GRI's Intersectionality ONLINE: Working in the Borders of our Relatedness and Dividedness, from December 2020.

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