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Group relations conferences are experiential learning events in which participants learn from their experience while they study their own (individual and collective) behavior in the moment in small and large study group settings.


There are also a number of reflective events offered to help the participant make sense of their experience and to apply their learning to their organization back home.


Although specific learning is not prescribed, typically participants have learnings related to the following concepts: boundaries, authority, role, task, leadership, followership, group dynamics, representation, the unconscious, levels of analysis, voice and agency, patterns of behavior, etc.

October 12 - November 16, 2020


Virtual Small Study Group Training in the Group Relations Tradition 

The Small Study Group Training is an excellent opportunity to practice group-as-a-whole consulting skills for those who have previously attended a group relations event. Participants rotate between member and consultant roles.

Six Saturdays starting Feb 2021


Director's Training for Group Relations Conferences

The objective of this training is to be introduced to and/or deepen the learning about taking up the role of conference director in group relations conferences. It is an opportunity to learn about the person in role as conference director.


December 29, 2020 - January 2, 2021

Shenyang, China

Authority Leadership and Membership.

This conference will offer you an opportunity to explore Authority, Leadership and Membership: Navigating Trust and Conflict in a Time of Crisis and Unstable Boundaries that we develop together as the conference becomes a temporary educational system.

We offer group relations training and applied events on a regular basis.

Small and / or Large Study Group Training
Review and Application Group Training

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