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Silent Retreat,
October 8-14, 2023
Samsø, Denmark

We are happy to invite you to the 4th silent retreat in Denmark in collaboration with Group Relations International. It takes place on Samsø and again, René Molenkamp will direct the silent space. 

Silence helps to re-engage with the poetry of life, to notice, and to become more aware. It also helps to dust the mirror of our soul and to grow closer to our essence and our core. If you feel drawn to spending several days in silence, you are welcome to join us.

We will spend five days in silence, starting Sunday evening after supper and ending Saturday morning after breakfast, with a sharing on Friday evening. Our external silence, for example the absence of words and a quiet environment, is a help to come closer to an internal silence, one where the racing thoughts slow down and we can really listen to ourselves and be in touch with our environment in different ways. We will try to leave behind what distracts us from internal silence and we will engage what helps foster stillness. Generally speaking, this may mean that we leave behind books, computers and phones and we engage in walks, journal writing, art, meditation, yoga etc. Of course, our individual journeys vary in what helps and hinders our silence.

For many of us it is not easy to be silent and to become still. Paradoxically, practicing silence in groups is easier than doing this alone. Therefore, we will form some kind of a silent community by being in the same house and sharing our evening meals together. In addition, twice a day there will be an opportunity to spend 30 minutes as a group in silence in the same space, for those who wish. The rest of the journey is an individual one.

When we enter into silence, we enter a bit into the Unknown. We do not know what will happen, the journey will likely be with ups and downs. If at any time during the retreat you will be helped by a brief conversation to enter or re-enter the space of internal silence, our guide René Molenkamp is available on an as needed basis.

As a group of maximum 9 people, we will stay in 2 houses next to each other. Each of us will have our private bedroom. In the fully equipped kitchen, we can prepare our own meals. We invite one person a day to volunteer to prepare a simple dinner for the whole group.

We are really looking forward to the retreat and to meeting the silent community we will create together. Below you will find some additional practical information. Reservations on a first come first serve basis. Feel free to forward this document to people whom you think may be interested.

Warm regards,
René, Mette and Lotte

Practical information:

  • The cost of the retreat is DKK 9.400,- this includes accommodations and simple meals and snacks. In order to reserve a place, please send an email to Mette Stuhr at and upon receipt of an invoice you secure your place by transferring a non-refundable deposit of DKK 3.400,- to Sparekassen Denmark, Reg no 9070, account 162-15-60510, Iban DK0590701621560510, Swift Code: VRAADK2.

  • We expect additional funds of DKK 6.000,- paid before August 1, 2023.

  • If financial considerations prevent you from being able to attend, please let us know and perhaps we can make some arrangements.

  • Arrival is Sunday, October 8 between 15:00 and 17:00. Departure is Saturday October 14, after breakfast and before 10 am. For more information please visit:

  • We encourage you to arrange shared transportation when we get closer to the date. Ferry time schedule is here:

  • The weather on Samsø in October is unpredictable – it can be beautiful, but also windy and rainy. Bring layers and warm clothes.

  • The Silent Retreat is organized in collaboration with Group Relations International, an organization that works for social justice through group relations, applied spirituality and other ways yet to be known. Website Group Relations International:

  • For questions, please contact René Molenkamp at, Mette Stuhr at or Lotte Svalgaard at


René Molenkamp
Silence is a relatively important aspect in René’s life. It started over 30 years ago, when he learned to meditate as a member of the Jesuits and eventually resulted in participating in and directing up to 30-day silent retreats. More recently René has organized spiritual retreats, five- day silent retreats, days of silence and he spends considerable time in stillness - (almost) every day.

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