Working Silence 2019
Den Andel, The Netherlands
March 17 - 23
July 7 - 13
November 24 - 30

Courtesy: Claudio Maroni

In this retreat we purposely seek the combination of silence and work.

Silence invites us to engage with the poetry of life,

it helps us to notice and become more aware.

It may also help as a holding space for creative work, for contemplating new ideas.

And you are invited to bring some work you care about in to the retreat.

It may be something you have been longing to write, some art work,

the exploration of new ideas, reading old texts for one final time before letting them go,

or simply contemplation of questions you have been holding for awhile.

We have moved the location to the Netherlands, two hours North of Amsterdam.

For more information, click here or contact Anjet van Linge.

storm sweeps the fields
dark clouds stack above the farms
the sky pregnant with rainbows
I turn my head in the wind
and breathe the air that comes from far away

I am home

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