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We support both ongoing programs as well as distinct group relations conferences, workshops, trainings and explorations. We are always interested in exploring collaboration and creative ideas, contact us at info@grouprelations.org.



San Diego, CA, Once a month on Friday evening
Lambertville, NJ, Starting a group in the Fall of 2019

A small group of people gathers once a month to nourish our spiritual life, our soul, our body and each other. We typically start out with sharing some food that a few of us prepare while we are checking in with each other. We then transition to ten or fifteen minutes of silence to just be or meditate, subsequently we share something about a spiritual theme or do an activity and we end with a fire ritual. If you are interested in joining us, please contact René

Training in Group Relations Consulting
Boston, MA, January 31 - February 2, 2020

The program is for people interested in developing consulting skills and consulting stance through practice using Group Relations methods. Group Relations methods focus on consulting to conscious and unconscious dynamics as they arise in the moment. Training includes Small and Large Study Groups similar to those found in Group Relations Conferences, as well as Application, Review and Theory sessions. The faculty for the program are: Leslie Brissett, Frank Dwyer and Evangeline Sarda.

Silent Retreat
Bolinas, CA, February 12-18, 2020

The silent retreat is for those of us who are searching for stillness in their lives. Silence helps to come to stillness. Spending a few days in silence is a journey into the Unknown. The retreat is a wonderful place to just be. And in this process of being we often return to our true selves. Words are not quite adequate to convey the experience. Trust the spirit and join us if you are curious or drawn to spending some time in silence. For more information, to register please send an email to rene@grouprelations.org.

Black Authority in the Post-Obama Era:
History, Complexity, and Identity
San Diego, CA, February 28 - March 1, 2020

This three-day nonresidential conference in the Group Relations tradition will provide opportunities for us to collectively explore, experience, and learn about Black authority.  A distinct feature of this conference is that, in this temporary organization, the entire staff is Black - all are of African descent.  All are invited to be open to the complex and nuanced dynamics - conscious and unconscious- when Blacks lead.  What shall emerge has not yet been fully revealed or created, and what we shall learn and develop lies in our collective conscious and unconscious about Black Authority.  Please join us in this important work. Diane Forbes-Berthoud is the director of the conference. 

Intersectionality: Working in the Borders of our Relatedness and Dividedness
Boston, MA, March 27-29, 2020

This three-day Group Relations Conference explores the conscious and unconscious ways we are bound together in organizational life. Participants join to co-create a temporary organization that has the task of learning through experience about the intersections of our group memberships in relation to the systemic dynamics of authority and power that we engender. We have the opportunity to examine how our relatedness and dividedness connect and intersect, to discern when and where authority and power is static and fluid, and to exercise leadership in a changing environment. As we encounter rational and irrational group processes that simultaneously assist and hinder, connect and divide, and connect through dividing us in our work, we may ask: Can we bring all of who we are to our work? If so, how? And if we do, what will be the impact that our collective actions and inactions have on the experience of justice? If you are concerned about these issues and want to develop your capacity to authorize yourself and others to lead justly in the intersections, then join us!

Social Dreaming @ Work: A Master Class
San Diego, CA, April 17-19, 2020

Join us for a comprehensive training in the use of Social Dreaming in organizations and groups. This program will allow you to experience the innovations offered in our dreams and the realization of their impact in groups and organizations. More information forthcoming.

Small Study Group Training in the Group Relations Tradition
San Diego, CA, May 1-3, 2020

This program is designed for people who want to practice and expand their capacity to "read' the group-as-a-whole and consult to what is happening in the here-and-now. Participants will form small study groups and rotate into a consultant role for the group. At the end of the consultation consultant(s) receive immediate feedback in a public setting from one or more senior group relations consultants for the benefit of all participants. Faculty for this event are Roxanne Kymaani and René Molenkamp.

Director's Training for Group Relations Conferences
New York, NY, October 2 and 3, 2020

The objective of this training is to be introduced to and/or deepen the learning about taking up the role of conference director in group relations conferences. It is an opportunity to learn about the person in role as conference director and holding a system in mind, the whole, the parts, the staff, and most importantly the members. It is also an opportunity to enhance skills in dealing with the complexity of multiple roles, identities, relatedness and relationships.   

Hierarchies of the Collective: Mind, Body, Spirit
Boston, MA, October 9-11, 2020

Hierarchies of the Collective: Mind Body Spirit is a unique Group Relations Conference in the Tavistock tradition that studies the rise, shifts and flow of authority and leadership dynamics through our experience of our  collective mind, body, and spirit. Focusing on what is above and below the surface of our consciousness, we will listen to the different perspectives and experiences that our bodies, mind and spirit reveal. Analogous to how our first/second/third person perspectives add depth to our language communication, our spirit/body/mind offer different and sometimes conflicting perspectives that deepen our understanding of community and self. More information forthcoming. Suma Jacob is the director of the conference.


Youth Empowerment Services provides financial assistance to youth involved in the juvenile justice system. The recipients use the funds for specific physical, emotional or psychological needs, for example a new pair of glasses, or a bus pass to get them to and from work prior to receiving their first paycheck. YES responds quickly and all donations go directly to youth. For more information, contact Carlos Nelson via email at drcarlosnelson@gmail.com



A group of professional executive and leadership coaches from around the world donate time, energy and passion to worthwhile causes through free individual and team coaching services for leaders and leadership teams of causes who make a difference in the world. For more information, visit www.coaches4causes.org or contact Suzanne Weeks via email at suzanne@grouprelations.org.

Sacred Inclusion Network

SIN consists of people who collectively explore the dynamic nexus between diversity and spirituality. The do this primarily through experiential one- or two-day experiential events aimed at deepening personal and group awareness. For more information contact Angelo Lewis at angelojohnlewis@gmail.com

or visit the website at www.diversityandspirituality.com.


Just Water

A Facebook group dedicated to consciousness, advocacy, and constructive action about access to fresh water and equity concerning its use. Join us by clicking here.


This Facebook group is a positive platform to express stories of gratitude, to share sacred moments and stories of inspiration. In doing so we weave a web of positivity. Join us by clicking here

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