Exploring Spirituality
San Diego, Marina Village
Saturday, April 1, 2017 
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

This day is about being rather than doing.

It is about being present to yourself, to your essence,.

It is about presence to someone else's essence.

It is about holding space for the More or the Spirit.

It is about acknowledging, honoring, (re-)discovering, being with the idea

that you are connected to something bigger.

We are connected to each other and to the More.

It is about stepping more fully into the now.

The plan is for a group of people to gather.

People who are interested in taking a step back and slowing down.

People who are reflective.

People who pay attention to the More or the Spirit in one-way or another.

People who are open to engaging with others around their inner experiences.

People who are interested in exploring spirituality and simply, people who want to be there,

trusting that whoever is there, needs to be there.

People who trust the process


We will work as a group, in smaller groups and individually.

Some simple exercises, silence, reflection, sharing, guided meditation will help in this process.

There will likely be some ritual and we will share some food together.


René Molenkamp will be the guide for the day.

He has extensive experience in guiding people through spiritual and self development processes.

He is co-director of Group Relations International, a non-profit organization

with the simple mission to make the world a better place.

We are active in the realm of group relations, social justice and spirituality. 


This event was conceived through interactions between some participants

after a 5-day silent, who expressed a desire and interest to continue to engage.

We are widening the circle.


There is no charge for the event.

Donations are always welcome, so we can organize future events. 

We would like you to register for the event.

Upon registration you will receive a few more details about what to bring,

exact location and some other practical details.

Feel free to contact Rene if you wish.


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