Group Relations International is seeking Co-Creators. Are you in? 


Group Relations International’s mission is simple. Using group relations methodology, working spiritually (broadly defined) and placing emphasis on the field of social justice, we aspire to make the world a better place.


What is the “work”?


“The work” is at the core of a spiral that encompasses a variety of related approaches including group relations theory and methodology, adaptive leadership, collective consciousness, the existence of the field, shadow work, spirituality, social justice, etc.


  • We use group relations methodology to teach people about groups, systems and their place in them. In this experiential model people often have powerful insights about themselves, their roles, interpersonal interactions, authority and leadership. People experience a sense of the power of energy in groups, both constructive and destructive energy. With insights and attention to application, participants become a positive force of any group they are part of. 

  • We particularly support people who work in the field of social justice through our events. The presence and absence of diversity, equity and inclusion are revealed and studied in our conferences and participants are better equipped to “see” and address related issues in their own organizations.

  • We acknowledge that there is a More that we cannot define or understand, but that we make room for exploring. We know that boundaries between people are artificial. We are all drops in an ocean. Our spirituality events help to slow down and reflect, to take an eagle’s view of what is going on in ourselves and in the world. Often people feel rejuvenated and return to the world of work with renewed energy and a different perspective.


Many people who have experienced “the work” have often expressed a desire to stay connected through a more formal association with GRI and continue to learn more as they use aspects of “the work” in their jobs and organizations.


Therefore, we are excited to announce that we are taking a next step and form a community of GRI Co-Creators. Together we will form the holder of possibilities and potential.

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