A Few Things About Us


We are a group of people who are inspired by and passionate about group relations work, social justice and spirituality. The three are intimately connected with each other. 

We are always evolving. We are open for new ideas, collaboration, co-sponsorship and we want to be supportive of good causes and initiatives. Feel free to reach out to have a conversation, it may be the beginning of something new. Feel free to reach out to Anjet or René

Many people who have been part of GRI events online or in person have expressed an interest in affiliating with us. We are in the process of exploring different options and possibilities to make that happen. 

We do have some structure, although we very much believe that we need to go with the energy, with what presents itself, what is emerging in individuals and in conversations between people. Sometimes structures are in the way of creative ideas, so our process of "authorization" is: if one of us talks about an idea with another one of us and we find support then we decide on behalf of the organization. Sometimes we re-group and reflect and try to make sense of what is happening. 


Executive Director:
René Molenkamp
Board of Directors:
Suzanne Weeks
Peter Shapiro
Zachary Green
Anjet van Linge
Founding Circle:
Zachary Green
Anjet van Linge
Peter Shapiro
Christine Davies
René Molenkamp
GRI Communities
GRI-West, San Diego
Rene Molenkamp
GRI-East, Boston
Evangeline Sarda
Tracy Wallach
Anjet van Linge

Ongoing Programs:
Youth Empowerment Services
Carlos Nelson
Diversity and Spirituality Network
Angelo John Lewis
Suzanne Weeks
GRI Blog
Amber Williams
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Contact Info:


4323 Santa Monica Ave​

San Diego, CA 92107



Telephone : ​1 619 519 0463

Email : info@grouprelations.org